Vital statistics

  • Educational background
    • High school: Marin Catholic (San Rafael, CA), graduated in 2017
    • College: Emerson College (Boston, MA). Began in Sep/2017.
  • Parents:
  • Two siblings:
    • Ryan, five years older than Amber
    • Sammy, two years older than Amber
  • Born in California. Dual citizen of USA and Canada.
  • Lives in Boston, MA during the academic year and in San Rafael, CA the rest of the time
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Random factoids

  • Three-time MVP for Marin Catholic's field hockey team
  • Member of the Emerson quidditch team
  • Had a speaking role in the blockbuster movie Toy Story 3
  • Studying Business of Creative Enterprises at Emerson. (This is akin to a business program for the entertainment industry.)

How Amber spends her time

...when she's not studying at Emerson College

  • Attends concerts. Lots of them.
  • Travels.   For example, Amber spent a month in 2016 hiking the Swiss Alps with Overland Summers, and a month in 2017 touring Europe with friends.
  • Lays in bed and texts her friends
  • Takes Beta and Calvin to the beach
  • ...
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Amber's favorites

  • Movies:   Whiplash
    Whiplash movie poster
    , Baby Driver
    Baby Driver movie poster
    , Perks of Being a Wallflower
    Perks of Being a Wallflower movie poster
  • Food: macaroni and cheese
  • Activity: attending concerts
  • Band: Manchester Orchestra
  • Vacation destination: Switzerland
  • Books: Harry Potter series
  • Restaurant: Anything Thai
  • Meal:
    • main course: Kraft macaroni and cheese
    • dessert: cheesecake
  • Sport: Hockey
  • City (outside of Northern California): London
  • ...

Yes, she really did this...

Broke my wrist snowboarding on a bunny slope

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