Vital statistics

  • Retired (depending on one's definition of that word)
  • Convinced Jennifer to marry him in 1991. They married in Tucson, AZ in 1992. Here's proof.
  • Three kids
  • Born in Canada. US green card holder. (Green cards are actually pink.)
  • Ethnicity
    Ken's DNA test results
  • Boring professional information here
  • Lives in California
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Random factoids

  • PhD dissertation title: Multivariate Simultaneous Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity
  • First Univ of Alberta student to graduate with a joint honors degree in Math and Economics. Benefit of this is that I could define the requirements of the degree as I went through it.
  • Paid his way through college by refereeing ice hockey
  • More random stuff here
  • Final stuff here

How Ken spends his time

...when he's not getting in Jennifer's way

  • Board member, Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo)
  • Consultant, Golden Gate Capital (GGC)
  • Advisor, Alternative Investments Forum (AIF)
  • Advisor, CircleUp
  • Learning HTML/CSS programming, so he can create this website
  • Member, Univ of Arizona National Leadership Council (NLC )
  • Board member, Vaultbank (Vaultbank) Vaultbank is making cryptocurrencies accessible to the general public.
  • Getting into shape and staying in shape:
    • Training for a week-long bike trip to Spain with four friends in April 2018. Here's what we're doing.
    • Daily exercise. Well, almost daily.
  • UC San Diego:
    • Member, Board of Trustees
    • Member (former chair), Foundation investment committee
    • Global chair, $2b capital campaign
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Ken's favorites

  • Movies: Gladiator
    Gladiator movie poster
    , The Princess Bride
    Princess Bride movie poster
    , The Fugitive
    The Fugitive movie poster
  • Food: Ice cream
  • Activity: Reading and sleeping by the pool
  • Vacation destination: Big Island, Hawaii
  • Books: Robert Ludlam's Jason Bourne series
  • Restaurant: Hy's Steakhouse, in Calgary or Toronto
  • City (outside of Northern California): San Diego
  • Meal:
    • opening cocktail: vodka martini, twist, extra cold
    • appetizer: french onion soup
    • salad: wedge salad, no blue cheese
    • main course: filet mignon (medium) with baked potato and a green vegetable
    • drink: Cabernet sauvignon
    • dessert: mud pie
  • Sport: Ice hockey

Yes, he really did this...

While doing his Ph.D. research in grad school, Ken named a junk file with the asterisk symbol (*). This was in the early days of the unix operating system, when they still allowed you to name files with symbols. When he was finished with the file, he typed "> remove *" to delete the junk file. But in unix operating system, the asterisk symbol means "everything," so he deleted a full year of his Ph.D. research.

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