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July 8, 2012 · San Francisco ·
Home.  Excerpt from the note left by dog/housesitter extrordinaire: "Calvin shredded several papers and one book.  They were unrecognizable when he was through..., so I can't tell you what they were.  Calvin has figured out that he can unplug things and chew on the cord ... The pool cover has a hard time opening and closing ... I assume it's due to you-know-who walking across it.  Calvin got into pantry and ate a bag of jerky."  Bless you--and thank you--Valerie Ferro.  You have the patience of a saint.  And you taught the world's worst puppy how to sit.

He can climb roofs

Sammy and a friend were walking from the casita up toward the house.   Sammy's friend stopped cold and said, "Dude! Is your dog supposed to be on the roof?"   Turns out Calvin had climbed onto the roof.   Ken had to rescue him.

A quote that pretty much defines him

"This one is to the manor borne."

Professional dog trainer after having Calvin in her 2-week bootcamp

Another anecdote

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