Sydney has the occasional light show, in which some iconic buildings are artistically lit up. The Opera House to the right is one example. Click on the photo to see a gallery of other unique or iconic buildings we've seen from around the world.

City lights

We have spectacular, mesmerizing views of Canary Wharf from our apartment in London, as you can see in the photo on the left. Click on the Canary Wharf photo for a photo gallery of other city lights, from cities all over the world.


We're lucky to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. People pay fortunes to come see our local sights. Click on the image of the Golden Gate Bridge to the right to see a gallery of interesting photos we took during our travels.


I've always been intrigued by unusual signs that we've come across in our travels, like the Camel Burger sign in the Middle East. Our kids would often hide when I took pictures of signs. Click on the Camel Burger sign to see other interesting or weird signs we came across during our travels.

Wild animals

We've been lucky to see lots of unique wild animals in our travels. Click on the Florida alligator to see a photo gallery of other wild animals we photographed around the world. Don't worry...all the animals are in their natural, wild habitats.


Click on the sunset to the left to see more sunsets.