Vital statistics

  • Educational background
    • High school: Marin Academy (San Rafael, CA)
    • College: Colorado College (Colorado Springs, CO). Graduated with B.Sc. (Geology) in 2016.
    • Graduate school: University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada). Started in autumn, 2016.
  • Parents:
  • Two siblings:
    • Sammy, two years younger than Ryan
    • Amber, five years younger than Ryan
  • Born in Arizona. Dual citizen of USA and Canada.
  • Lives in the Olympic Village in Vancouver, Canada
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Random factoids

  • Afraid of bees and wasps, but not bears and wolves
  • Born in the US to parents who were born in Mexico (Jennifer) and Canada (Ken) while NAFTA was being implemented. Had the nickname NAFTA until we realized that we'd better start using his real name, in case NAFTA sticks.
  • Not a huge fan of President Trump
  • Seasoned SCUBA diver
  • Undergraduate thesis title: Composition and Rheology of Overthickened Lava

How Ryan spends his time

...when he's not studying at the Univ of British Columbia

  • Testing IPAs (Link here?)
  • ...
  • Getting into shape and staying in shape:
    • Hiking
    • Skiing
    • Thinks of exercise almost every day
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Ryan's favorites

  • Movies:   Lord of the Rings
    Lord of the Rings movie jacket
    , Good Will Hunting
    Good Will Hunting movie jacket
    , 50/50
    50/50 movie jacket
    , Arrival
    Arrival movie jacket
    , Inside Out
    Inside Out movie jacket
  • Food:   If I'm being completely honest with myself it's probably chips and salsa
  • Activity:   Skiing
  • Vacation destination:   Big Island, Hawaii
  • Books:
    • The Silmarillion, by JRR Tolkien
    • Hyperion, by Dan Simmons
    • Memories of Ice, by Steven Erikson
    • Words of Radiance, by Brandon Sanderson
  • Restaurant:   Any good taqueria ("I just miss having access to really good Mexican food")
  • City (outside of Northern California):   Denver
  • Meal:
    • A big, messy burger cooked medium with bacon and blue cheese and a side of yam fries
    • ...with the hoppiest, least balanced imperial IPA I can find
  • Sport to watch:   Baseball

Yes, he really did this...

I tripped and fell down the stairs in the middle of the library on my first day of high school.

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