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Presentations and interviews

The title is self-explanatory. I gave variations of this speech many times to many audiences. Here are two of them. I think the UCSD one is better thought through.

Speech to UC San Diego students
Similar speech to Univ of AZ students

A presentation to the Women's Leadership Forum at BlackRock. A unique perspective on how to get your requests granted. The advice is to think about creating an "asking capital account" where deposits need to precede withdrawals. How can one make deposits into this account? And what's the right way to make withdrawals?

Art of the ask speaking notes

I gave versions of this presentation to several audiences over the years. This one comes from a UBS-sponsored hedge fund conference in Zurich in 2011. It covers several hedge fund related lessons that I learned the hard way. It's actually one of my worst presentations, but it was received far better than it deserved to be.

Presentation slides
Presentation notes

Three pieces of advice that I didn't know when I graduated with my Ph.D.:   I covered the importance of hair color, the importance of liking what you do, and the importance of relationships.

Commencement address

Another one with a self-explanatory title. This presentation walks through the events of the financial crisis in an effort to (a) clarify what happened and why, and (b) assign blame to the right places.

Financial crisis PowerPoint deck
Financial crisis speaking notes

Did a presentation to the UCSD student body about the role of "big data" and data sciences in forecasting stock market returns. Here's the flyer and a version of the presentation deck. I gave versions of this presentation to many different audiences toward the end of my BLK career.

Presentation flyer

Self-explanatory. Gave this presentation to a high school class at Glendale Academy in Glendale, Arizona. It covers the policy mistakes made during the Great Depression and why they were made, concluding that the Great Recession didn't turn into another Great Depression because we learned from history...and that's why we study history.

Great Depression: Causes and lessons

I've always maintained that culture is the most important driver of long-run business success. Because of that belief, I talked about culture a lot. These are a sampling of my presentations on the topic. There's obviously a lot of overlap between all of them.

Advice about culture to another business
Presentation on BGI's history, with section on how culture made BGI unique
Notes from an MD offsite session on cultural slippage inside one of the divisions I ran

Because I had a senior position in business, I was often asked to talk about leadership. Attached are some interviews and presentations I gave on the topic. There's a lot of overlap between each of these.

BLK intranet "Profile on leadership"
Interview on leadership for high-performing Directors
Influencing for Results (ExCo interview)
Leadership lessons (Univ of Arizona)

Here is a collection of random presentations, speeches and interviews that were each one-offs (given only once or twice). Topics vary.

Regulation and the future of FinTech
MD mistake


In 2015, I was honored as a UCSD "distinguished alumnus," along with the much more well-known Michael Judge (created TV shows Beavis and Butthead and Silicon Valley, and movies like Office Space). The creators of Wong Fu Productions, whose YouTube channel has millions of followers, were also recognized. Our kids were much more excited to meet the Wong Fu guys than to see their dad on stage.

This is the announcement of the event, along with the 3-minute acceptance speech that I gave. My brother Daryl and I prepped this speech over drinks in La Jolla that afternoon. I remember the preparation better than the presentation.

Announcement Acceptance speech (warning...3:04 minutes, 97MB)

Another UCSD one. Starts with an introduction that's almost as long as my remarks. It's a rah-rah speech to a group of UCSD supporters at the USS Sally Ride Research Vessel launch party in San Diego.

Campaign speech (6:01 minutes, 191MB)

In this video blog, I talk about an investment-related lesson I learned from making a stupid investment decision. (Not sure how long BlackRock will keep this blog series live.)

Blinded by the light

UCSD's 2020 in-person graduation ceremonies were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, UCSD got a group of people to make comments to the graduates and posted those comments online. Here are my 45 seconds of thoughts for the Class of 2020.


"Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Many people have echoed this sentiment, perhaps starting with Proverbs 17:28